April 2, 2009

No solace in ashes of the enemy

Chris Field
Executive Editor

Mr. Field,

I recently purchased a subscription for both my father and myself. TOWNHALL is a decent magazine, however, I was very surprised by your April 2009 issue which displayed charred human remains inside a mangled vehicle with the tag, "Terrorist, Extra Crispy."

I administrate my father's dental practice here in Chicago and I purchased his subscription specifically so TOWNHALL could reside among all the "mainstream" mags like TIME and NEWSWEEK in the waiting room. This tasteless photo was a poor choice for the magazine. Photos such as these may satisfy the vengeance of a few, but cannot compare to the heroism captured in the work of Michael Yon, for instance.

There is no honor in being forced to kill a relentless enemy. Honor instead comes from standing between those who cannot protect themselves and the evil that seeks to kill them. Our fighting men and women provide magnificent examples for the rest of us, all while engaged in a sometimes terrible and brutal job; a job that takes its toll physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Reveling in war's destructive aftermath cheapens the real achievements of our military and can frame them as 'killers of the enemy,' rather than, 'protectors of the innocent.' Focusing on photos such as these appeal to our basest instincts, contradictory of our highest values.

We should find no solace in the ashes of the enemy, but in the sacrifice, vigilance, and courage of the warriors who choose to face them.

Thank you,

James Morganelli
Chicago, IL