January 28, 2012

Shameless plug: Bujinkan Weapons.com

Many years ago I purchased a bokuto from Japan and to this day I have yet to see any comparable design. It was hand made from kashi, Japanese white oak, cut at a select time of year; it was nearly 45" in length, a full inch thick, and 1 1/2" wide.

This was no ordinary bokken, or even a suburi-to, this was a "Shiai" bokuto, or "match" sword - a weapon in itself. Carried by samurai units it could be employed against blades with the intent of breaking them, leaving enemies open to attack by sword-wielding allies in the wings.

Being the artist he is, Carmelo Grajales faithfully reproduced this Shiai bokuto in Ipe (Ironwood) for me and the result is an incredible working piece of art. His attention to detail is amazing - side by side to the original, they are duplicates, but the Ipe is far heavier. The feel is tremendous - he got everything right.

I don't normally speak up about gear or training tools, but Caremlo is a terrifically talented artist, who has created an incredible piece, so I'll go so far as to say this: this isn't just a professional tool for serious practitioners - there's plenty of those out there. To me, this is more than that - it's the sword one wants to be remembered by. Yes, it's that good.

Carmelo is now hand making this dramatic design in various woods for those interested. If you check out his website http://www.bujinkanweapons.com/ you'll find a link for the Shiai bokuto as well as a variety of other tools, from octagonal staff weapons, to kunai, even wooden training shuriken. He'll even engrave something if you like.  

Carmelo is a good man and has quickly become the official armorer of the dojo. Contact him, he's happy to work with you.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos! :-) Silvi

Carmelo said...
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Carmelo said...

Thank you Sensei for the kind words. More details on our Bokuto can be found at our site. http://bujinkanweapons.com/bokuto/.