March 4, 2013

Open Training, March 9, 2013

Been plenty busy this last semester and haven't had time to post much. Hope to get some stuff out soon.

In the meantime, this Saturday, Shidoshi Jeff Patchin will host me for an Open Training workshop in Rockford, IL. Should be great fun. We'll be lucky enough to be training at the Anderson Japanese Gardens - quite a beautiful place.

The focus for the workshop will be bojutsu and kenjutsu, so please bring hanbo, jo, and rokushakubo, as well as bokken and ninjato, if you have one.

See you there.


Saturday, March 9th
12:00 - 4:00pm
Anderson Japanese Gardens Visitors Center
318 Spring Creek Road
Illinois, 61107
Focus: Bojutsu/Kenjutsu
Cost: $40.00