June 18, 2015

REMINDER: Los Angeles Workshop, June 26th & 27th

Makko Ho's Position One
Just a reminder about next week's workshop Tomoko and I will have, hosted by our good friends at the Los Angeles Shingitai-Ichi Dojo. 

On Friday, June 26th, Tomoko and I will make our way to LA and join Shidoshi Michael Govier (SGTI Dojo LA) for a two-day Makko Ho and Taijutsu seminar - a rare trip for us to teach in sunny California.

I've long considered Makko Ho to be the flipside of training in which we learn to use Taijutsu to heal and keep ourselves and others healthy. It's a remarkable method, complex in its simplicity, much like Taijutsu. Hatsumi sensei even studied Makko Ho at one point and the Bujinkan knows its basic movements as the Ryutai Undo

Tomoko happens to be one of only two licensed Makko Ho instructors here in the United States. On Friday evening she'll take everyone through this esoteric Japanese stretching art, including the Hodo Taiso - partner bodywork that teaches practitioners to use positioning and alignment for healing purposes. Check out the interview I did with her: To Look Straight Forward.

Then on Saturday, June 27th, I'll engage everyone with my perspective on Taijutsu and conflict ethics, specifically the "protector ethic." 

We'll be in two separate, but close, locations: a city park and the same studio from the night before - the outdoor/indoor difference should be highly informative. We'll be covering unarmed movement, specifically how to make the tactical "viable," or capable of sustaining and protecting life, and any and all weapons available and the overlapping universality of their use. 

Makko Ho Workshop with Tomoko Morganelli
Friday, June 26th

DanceGarden LA in Atwater Village
3191 Casitas Ave, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039
A large, free parking lot is available

Taijutsu Workshop with James Morganelli
Saturday, June 27th

2 Locations:

Part I: 12-3pm 
Griffith Park
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Merry-Go-Round parking lot 
Training will be behind the tennis courts 

Part II: 3-6pm
DanceGarden LA in Atwater Village
3191 Casitas Ave, Suite 112, 
Los Angeles, 90039

$25 for Tomoko's Workshop  
$60 for James' Workshop

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Questions? Contact Shidoshi Govier at: 

We look forward to meeting new folks and sharing some great training!

Tomoko and James

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